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Kimchi freshly homemade on your order


We make kimchi once a week to ensure you get the finest taste



We are open for orders throughout the week and all orders are dispatched on the following Monday and Tuesday.



We buy ingredients based on the orders taken. Our kimchi is made in small batches, jarred and left at room temperature to begin the fermentation process.



We carefully pack our kimchi and send it on its way. You should receive your kimchi in 2-3 days from dispatch.

Start your kimchi young & fresh

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Your kimchi will mature with time. What will be your favourite stage?



Raw & fresh

| 1 - 10 days |

Your kimchi will be 3 days old on delivery as it starts bubbling due to friendly bacteria. The initial fermentation happens on the way to you.

We advise you to store your kimchi in the fridge to let it ferment slowly in cool temperatures under 8°C.  


Tangy & electric

| 11 - 20 days |

As the kimchi starts to mature, the textures and spices blend together resulting in a pleasantly tangy and electric flavour.

In this stage, live probiotics - lactobacillus - drastically increase making the kimchi very delicious as well as super healthy.


Mellow & earthy

| 21 - 30 days |

As kimchi ages further, its flavour gets deeper with softer textures. The kimchi in this stage is very flavoursome when it is cooked.

Our best before date is set as within one month of production as the kimchi can stay in this stage up to 1 month if kept in the fridge.