My kimchi popped and overflowed from the jar when opening it!

This is due to your kimchi actively fermenting inside the jar. As the gas from fermentation builds, your kimchi may pop from the jar when opening for the first time.

How should I keep kimchi?

Your kimchi will be 2-3 days old on arrival, where the initial fermentation has already happened on the way to you. We advise you to store your kimchi in the fridge unless you want to accelerate the ageing process. The cool temperature enables the kimchi to ferment slowly resulting in delicious kimchi with loads of probiotics.

How long will kimchi last in the fridge?

Considering the temperature of the average household fridge and the frequency of exposure to oxygen, we advise you to consume your kimchi within one month of production. You can find more detailed information from 3 stages of kimchi.

But I heard kimchi never goes bad as it is fermented food?

There will be a point where kimchi eventually goes bad. Kimchi will age more quickly if it is frequently opened or kept outside the fridge. It is not recommended to eat our kimchi after the best before date because the level of probiotics will be reduced.

Is it okay to drain kimchi juice from a jar?

No! Kimchi juice plays three important roles. Firstly it prevents kimchi from contacting oxygen to keep it fresh for longer. Secondly it ensures the leaves are evenly spiced. Lastly, the kimchi juice can be also used in making various dishes including kimchi pancakes, fried rice, stews and etc.

Why is my jar not fully packed?

We leave a little bit of space to accommodate the gas that builds up from fermentation.

Can I order in bulk?

Yes you can. Please email us or contact us using the contact form for bulk orders.

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