The journey for proper kimchi began when Mieun Kim moved to London and met Hujong Chi. Kim realised the kimchi there was neither fresh nor authentic; the kimchi had either travelled long distances from Korea or just didn’t taste like the kimchi back home.

Kim and Chi decided to make their own and so they travelled home to Seoul to learn the delicate skills from Kim’s mother, an expert in making traditional kimchi who loves to share her knowledge and pass on her experience.

Kim and Chi spent the following months in London refining the taste. After just under a hundred batches, they finally had the kimchi that they were looking for. Today Kim and Chi are proud to share the homely taste of their kimchi.

Mieun Kim & Hujong Chi



Kim and Chi didn’t have to ponder too long deciding a name for their company - “Kim&Chi”. They then started working on branding with the brilliant illustrator and designer Yeni Kim.

Yeni developed the brand’s visual identity including the logo, art direction and design by capturing the essence of Kim&Chi. The logo represents both the two co-founders, playful and talkative, and the nature of kimchi, alive with probiotics.  

Yeni Kim